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I was born in Sweden and moved to England in my early teens. I studied English at Durham University and completed an MA at Unversity of Virgina, USA. 

I trained in psychosynthesis in Bristol, UK.   Therapy as soul making is central to my practice. I work with  mental health  issues including depression, anxiety, burnout, menopause and all kinds of life crisis.

My personal journey has led me to a profound connection to nature; the constant presence of the spirit in nature; and the possibility of connecting deeply within. 

Painting, drawing and making things has been a part of my life since childhood.

I make ‘sacred objects’ , as well as paintings to create something I have seen in a dream or decorating something which I have found at a meaningful moment, This can also be part of the therapeutic work as it  is a way of grounding transpersonal experiences.

I see clients weekly.


I charge £60 per hour..

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