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Many people are lost and entangled in what feels like life events.  A constant battle with choices, despair and a sense of helplessness.  Underneath is often a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness.

Working towards a shift of attention to the person as central, as agent who is nonetheless subject to fate.leads to a refocusing of attention and opening the door to an inner world of images, hopes, buried dreams and past pain.

This can lead to living life differently, with a change of priorities and ideals.  Finding physical, emotional and mental health through relationship with the inner world.

There can be a surrender to the deeper layers of the psyche, the inner processes and images that link to a personal sense of being.  Dreams guide this process.  Sensing one’s place and meaning within the universe.  This has moments of distress, stuckness, fear, grief and becomes creative when felt as part of the longer journey.  Faith in a connection to an energy within which touches that chord of longing, or faith, or mystery.

For in depth work i see clients one to one in person or on line.

I do one-off session for dream work, Contact me for further information

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